Hi please find a near complete list of media undertaken to promote the BJITW and by default draw attention to my cause.

It includes all Radio/TV/Blog/Print/online media that I have a record of……have I missed something?….does mentioning it onstage to several festival crowds count?…probably not.

February 23rd
TV3 – Campbell Live – Nightly current affairs show
Host John Campbell played my entry, discussed promotion and wished me luck – prior to top 50 announcement.

March 1st
Sunday News – nationwide Sunday paper / Stuff Website
Article and picture, this ran in the edition on the 1st of March and then put online on the stuff website on the 2nd

March 4th
George FM Breakfast – http://www.georgefm.co.nz
Auckland based but nationwide dance station
6min interview with breakfast host Nick D

George FM Drive
Interviewed by journalist for 5pm news bulletin

More FM Rotorua – http://www.morefm.co.nz
4 1/2min Drive time Interview

Radiolive – http://www.radiolive.co.nz
Nationwide commercial talkback – with Bill Ralston and Mr Anthony Hayes!
Interview covered all the important aspects; the position/process/man hugging…..(long story – I’m sure he’ll clear it up for you)

A NZ news and current affairs site voted best Media Site – People’s Choice NetGuide Web Awards 2008, 2007, 2006,
2004, 2003 & 2002
Interview with journalist discussing the job – featured on front page.

Sideswipe /Spare Room.co.nz
Blog partner/Back page on front section of The NZ Herald –
Article with link to website, featured on front page.

March 5th
http://www.nzherald.co.nz – NZ Herald’s online news service
Gossip columnist (yes we even have these in NZ) Rachel Glucina called me and offered support – she’s written a nice piece here
-and even brought my girlfriend into it….hmm.

*Also today received the second offer from a woman’s magazine, however story angle was to be around girlfriend and I so offer politely refused.

March 6th
The New Zealand Herald – nationwide major daily newspaper
Article and pic in today’s print edition
Online link here:

George Fm – http://www.georgefm.co.nz – covered 3 times throughout day
Breakfast update with host
Afternoon mention from DJ Dick Johnson
Covered on Drive show by myself

Classic Hits – Big NZ Wide station – http://www.classichits.co.nz
Phone I/V with Drive Host Jason Reeves

NZ’s No 1 spot spot for clubland kids
Someone (not me) has started a blog thread promoting my cause, and I can’t believe the nice things they are saying considering this site usually eats its young, and so the last place I’d start something.

* and an interesting proposal from an exceptionally renowned current affairs show – that was emailed through.

March 8th
NZ Herald on Sunday – Nationwide Sunday paper
-Gossip writer pretty much just published her blog, I’ve scanned it, but had to pretty myself up as the old picture they used made me look like a central character in Underbelly, I look way worse in real life.


Sunday News – nationwide Sunday paper
Yes the paper that talked me into getting photographed in those awful ‘swimmers’ -yes I went there…….awful.


March 10th
Classic Hits Dunedin – Breakfast – Phone interview

The Breeze – Wellington – Phone interview

The Edge FM -major nationwide CHR station
In studio -with the breakfast hosts, probably the longest I/V to date at 30mins.

The Rock -NZ’s largest Rock Station (nationwide)
Phone Interview with Drive Hosts (Jono and Rob)

March 11th
The Rock (see above)
Drive hosts liked interview so much they replayed yesterdays interview on today’s show as well

March 12th
MEDIA 7 – TVNZ – a media and current affairs show running on the tvnz digital platform.
At Kelly Tarltons Underwater world -was Interviewed with full face dive mask allowing me to talk to interviewer in Perspex tunnel below. With the added thrill of having large Sharks, Stingrays and Hapuka cruising literally inches from my face.

March 13th

The Breeze – Palmerston North
Who calls at 7am? – A guy with a velvety smooth boss jock voice for radio that’s who.
I/V about comp, jokes about my girlfriend going -standard.

George FM
-any excuse for the breakfast host who I’ve done many a TV show with to call – bit of wrap up of events.

George Fm – Drive, um my show.
My news reader unprompted slotted the porn scandal (which did the rounds on NZ news websites) as a last story in the news bulletin – which prompted an on air discussion that pretty much ended with him, producer and female studio guest all pledging their remaining votes to her….fair enough.

March 14th
Radiolive – interview and Podcast repeat
Interview with public address hosts Russell brown and Damian Christie http://www.publicaddress.net which played Sat arvo on Radiolive.

Was a very dry interview, with hosts and myself all also confessing to having actually voted for Julia instead of me. (recorded prior to scandal emerging)

March 16th
The Girls Guide – Stuff.co.nz
A blog run on the popular stuff website by my old co-host Jane Yee, who couldn’t help but take a couple of swipes at my distant past and her own nana-like behaviour, which back in the day helped create a great ying/yang dynamic between us.
So I’ll let her get away with it – as long as her audience votes for me.

The Breeze FM – Queenstown
Yes just when you thought all the radio interviews had finished – this morning at 7:40am I spent a good wee while chatting about the job to the lovely breakfast team in QT.

March 19th
The Gisborne Herald – hometown paper!
Article and photos were published – nothing available online at this stage, might have to get my mum to send me a copy.

Party Marty’s Entertainment Guide
Got a mention on Marty’s NZ entertainment guide, which is emailed out to his large database weekly.

March 22nd
Herald on Sunday – Nationwide major Sunday paper
Herald reporter came and stalked me at my house, after she heard about our night out with Chris Martin from Coldplay, (although she used BJITW as a cover) she tied article into my quest for the job.


March 24th


The Breeze FM- Wellington – Phone interview

* at least 2 other radio station phone interview updates….Classic Hits and The Breeze??

April 3rd

TVNZ – Close Up – Nationwide Nightly Current Affairs show

Live Interview with host Paul Henry, camera crew waited at house for announcement

catch it here:



– New Zealand orientated website


Radiolive FM – Nationwide

– Quick Phone Interview

The Gisborne Herald

– Story Update


-Front page story with worlds worst photograph – went to gym straight after.


TVNZ news website

-Press release announcement


April 4th

Weekend Herald – nationwide paper

-Article on making final group


-Article as above


April 5th

Sunday News – Nationwide paper

-Top group interview update


Newstalk ZB FM – nationwide talk back radio show

-Phone Interview with Petra and Pat – discussing final berth

April 6th


George FM – Phone Interview with Breakfast Host

Queensland Courier

-Phone Interview with very nice journo John for article on final group

April 15th


The Breeze FM – Queenstown

Update interview with breakfast hosts

April 16th

Brazillian Newspaper – Rodrigo March

Answered q’s via email for article

April 18th

Munt FM – student radio welly

pre recorded I/V that played out

April 21st

Indie travel Podcast Interview

Interview with Craig who popped by for some carrot cake

April 22nd

Campbell Live – Nationwide nightly current affairs show

John (host) dedicated whole last segment of his TV show to me, seen here.

They caught me out with wanting it that day so it was rushed to them – a more polished version I did is available on You Tube- here.

April 30th

George FM – Breakfast.

Last minute good luck wishes from the breakfast host

April 30th

ZM- Nationwide CHR station.

Interview with Stu the night host (scheduled not yet taken place)


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