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Photos we tooked

How many times have you had tourists point out the things you take for granted? – I know I have in NZ, where its always so nice to hear people from overseas waxing lyrical about the things you knew were great but had lost perspective on.

Here’s a sample of photo’s my girlfriend and I have taken… she being the one that would come with me if I was chosen, and she being the one you can see here

Antarctic 2am
Waiheke sunsetMt Erebus, Barne Glacier, Antarctica
Weddell Seal bones Antarctica
Long Shadow Antarctica
Père Lachaise CemeteryHawaiian Sunset
Sister adn the soon to be free 'burping shark'Shooting in ParisGisborne Early morningHu tong dog BeijingRippon Wanaka festival
Old boat Mahiaclarke-and-hollie-in-paris