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The irresistible lure of a pearl

Ok so we went to ‘The house’ today. Yes you know the house I’m talking about – it’s the one the successful applicant will live in for 6 months as the Caretaker of the island. Blue Pearl House to be precise.

I was hesitant as first, thinking, hang on do I really want to know what a place looks like that I got close to living in but didn’t quite make it? How would I sleep at night knowing what I was missing out on? Is this a wise thing to do?

But then like a big dopey moth to the back porch light I soon flapped through the doors and into somewhere I will not be forgetting in a hurry. I mean I’d seen pictures online, taken the 360 degree tour, heard the TQ staff talking about it and read the blurb; – but nothing, nothing prepared me for what my eyes soon unravelled.

Like a hungry Labrador I greedily sprinted from room to room consuming it all as fast as I could. And I can say that out of the whole place there was just one thing that disappointed me. That being, the photos I took. I’ve just been through them and decided that none come even close to giving an inkling of how truly next level it was, and this was at night – the potential view looked positively postcard. It was like a real life walk through of one of ‘those’ houses you see on the cover of ‘those’ magazines on your posh friends coffee table.

SO I’m hereby refusing to detract from the experience I had by posting some shabby Clarke photos. To get even a hint of what I witnessed you can visit some professionals covering it here;

And then multiple that by a factor of at least ten.

AND SO…. with accom sorted, our focus switches next to something I’m truly looking forward to – the reef – which I’ll tell you more about tomorrow.