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Hot towels and nearly there …..

Nearly there…..


Getting closer…

Getting closer

Brisb….hang on… False Alarm…

Flase Alarm

Ladies and gentleman I give you Brisbane!–….um in there, somewhere …. I promise.


So nice to finally be at business end of this audition process and so unbelievably nice to be upgraded to business class.
I heart you Qantas and whoever you confused me with to give me the nod for that.

I have to say I felt particularly fancy pants in my upmarket plane real estate at the very front. There I was in seat 1D watching those everyday types shuffle forlornly past to their dowdy cargo hold down the back….probably with the chickens.

This pomp and snobbery was unseated in an instant however when a lovely stewardess handed me some sort of heated towel sausage.
Does anyone actually know what to do with those things? Do you rub your face or just your hands? And if you’ve rubbed your hands is it then not cool to rub your face? And um why??
Clearly I didn’t and I just sort of ended up fondling the thing like a 4 year old does playdough ….or poo – it was all very awkward.

Anyway coolness blown I settled into the flight and bar a strange redness around my eyes at the end of ‘Marley and Me’ and an infared camera scan for ‘pig pox’ at customs,  it was all rather awesome.

And now I am here –in my equally awesome hotel room –with an amazing view, not that I’m looking as I’m stressing about the test we have at 7am on Queensland, facts anyone??

So apart from briefly meeting some of the applicants in the foyer – including Hailey who I can report is as lovely and sweet as she has come across in her content – damn it. I’ve snuck up to my room made a chamomile tea, taken my pants off and shared a bit to much information with anyone who has  bothered getting this far.

Proper content, pics and pants tomorrow.