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Boy this boy likes the sea


* I really do love tropical reefs and have spent time on and under the water at many spots including, with Sea snakes in Tonga, got spiked by an urchin in Indonesia, observed the overfishing in Rarotonga, patted giant clams in Aitutaki, hung out with turtles in Hawaii, startled a white tip in Fiji and recently donated skin to a reef in Samoa (nasty surfing accident)


*I’ve attended and support the movements drawing attention to the rising issue of Ocean Noise pollution and Shark Finning.


* When I was 10 I taught myself the name of every species of NZ fish, their Maori name and preferred habitat. I made fishing lures using my mums glue gun and dad’s ‘special pens’ (that went down a treat)


* My earliest childhood memory is riding on a surfboard with my dad


* Every summer I would row a dinghy out to sea and often fish alone for 8 hours at a time day after day– only keeping enough for dinner.


*I’ve been chased by seals and had several shark encounters surfing


* My girlfriend gave me a towbar for Valentines day, so we can tow the old trailer boat we were given to the boat ramp – ahhh romantic.


* I was the first person in the world to use soft baits in Antarctica and totally changed the method the scientists were using to catch the fish – they still send me reports of their success.


* I built the tropical fish tank in my vid from scratch in my backyard – it weighs over a ton! In 6 years I’ve never lost a single fish to disease (although a few have eaten each other – whoops)