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32 from New Zealand and owner of a spoilt life.

I’ve interviewed childhood heroes, been on work financed overseas adventures and stayed places that were once mere posters on the wall of my imagination.



I’ve been a Music Television host, a Travel Show Host at both the luxury and budget end of the spectrum, a Men’s Relationship Advice Host and I’m currently shooting a documentary series following interesting Kiwis who are letting me try their occupations on for size. Spoilt.



I’ve worked through all the timeslots on radio, and through all music formats before settling on a gem of a niche station, playing the music of my choosing in NO pre-determined order, void of the commercial.– bliss. 


I’ve complemented my travels with writings of places afar, these have snuck into national magazines and newspapers.



I’ve played music to crowds around NZ, I’ve played music to crowds around Australia, I’ve even snuck in a tour of Europe.



Well I guess you could say I’m kind of an ‘old school’ rapidly becoming a ‘new school’ media type who lives for the yarn. I love people, period, from any period.

I love the back and forth, and am jam relishing the chance to audition for the Caretaking task ahead, and engaging my gauge online.

A bit of a chameleon really (complete with swivelly eyes and a stretchy tongue)


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Check this out and believe every second thing you read. Who writes these things?

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