From the worlds largest Sand Castle to the Sunshine Coast

Lake on Fraser Island

And so it continues….

Our generous tour of this part of Australia continued in glorious fashion today.

Starting nice and early with ‘call me Richo…or Richard just not Rick’ the worlds most knowledgeable tour guide ever from Fraser Island Company tours.

Which is just as well as we were off to Fraser Island – the world’s largest sand castle – and there was so much information that Richo just had to get out. 

In fact I began to think that Richardo had skipped the school lesson that taught how full stops worked such was his passion to yabber.

To be honest ordinarily this style of commentary would drive me nuts – but Richardio was saved by the fact that he was just so damn interesting.

There was nothing he didn’t know…..well except maybe for a few of the functions on the brand spanking new 4 wheel drive that was our Island transport.

4wd Fraser Island

Bouncing around the Island we visited a lake, were shown trees of interest, learnt all about Dingos and exactly how Richero felt about the government culling of said wild dogs.

Ship Wreck Fraser island

We had lunch and then a hoon on a beach to a shipwreck before sadly parting ways and leaving the beach in the most exhilarating way ever.

About to take off on Beach Fraser Island

By Sea plane – taking off we took in the sheer scale of the Island and looked across at the crystal clear waters of Lake Mackenzie.

Cruising at altitude up the coast we had a couple of interesting moments diving in and out of a few clouds and then looking down on Noosa before touching down at the pretty little Sunshine Coast Airport.

Had a bit of a sad moment as we said farewell to our excellent wine drinking TQ host Gemma. We ditched her to pick up another Gemma who came complete with a Brooke.

Our newest best friends then whisked us up the coast back to the charming and relaxed surfy village of Noosa, checking us into a flash room in the French Quarter. Greg walked into the room first so nabbed the giant double overlooking the pool courtyard and spa while I happily settled for the single next door.

No time to debate this though as we were given a five minute warning to don boardies and head off to our next adventure.

Clarke on Paddle Board

Paddle Boarding.

And what a great way to wind out the huge day.

With not a breath of wind on the harbour our instructor Chris soon had us out enjoying some turns and the last of the days sun.

True to form a surge in confidence not backed up by skill soon had me drinking water and scrabbling to climb back on board. …..on more than one occasion.

Chris even let his dog ride shot gun on my board as we worked our way up the harbour. It needs to be said the poor thing looked petrified the whole time as she had been watching my failed turns moments earlier.

Returning the dog to dads board we made our way back, had a quick peek at the beach and then returned to accom to get ready for a dinner out with our new besties tonight. I’m stalking the fridge for something to give me energy to stay awake.


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