Some examples of my writing styles….

I have start this by saying I’m jumping out of my skin to write a piece and vlog an item about one of the many features and resorts of the Great Barrier Reef.

Maybe a little something about the redevelopment of the Fitzroy Island resort, the thread count on the sheets at Hayman, or about an experience racing to be anchored on time on a self sailed boat in the Whitsundays, or perhaps simply about popping my jandal/flip-flop/thong rubber while white-man dancing on South Molle.

But I believe you can’t comment accurately on an experience unless you’ve been there, tried its clothes, smelled its perfume and had its chewing gum stuck between your toes.

So not like the gentleman who was caught reporting on the Iraq war from a broom cub-board, and to not fall into the trap of passing off a press release as my own experience I’d rather use this post to jot a few words about a couple of places I have been.

And to throw in some light and shade I’ll tell you about several holiday experiences that I’ve been lucky enough to go on, but both being from completely different ends of the travel spectrum.


Spectrum 1being the opulent Blanket Bay Lodge in Queenstown which one might liken to an escape at Lizard Island (only much colder)

Spectrum 2 being one moment from an action packed no-budget back-packing adventure in South America which has shades of South Molle Island. (just with less Llama’s…. perhaps?…actually I couldn’t find any accurate info about the Llama population on South Molle –so that is pure speculation)


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